This database has been designed to make searching for music as easy as possible. It may take a little time to refine your search and find exactly what you want, but don’t panic. The database is still quicker than searching every library individually. However, sometimes pieces can be difficult to find, so here are a few guidelines to help you. All of the advice below is relevant to searches in any of the four elements (Sources, Discography, Bibliography and Dance).
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What is Manx Music?
How have the Categories in "Category Search" been decided?
How do I search in Manx if I cannot remember the spelling?
The only word in a title I know is part of other words. How do I refine my search to only search this one word?
I am searching for versions of a piece I know, but other versions I know of are not being given in the search. Why is this?
How is the keyword search used?
In the discography search, I am searching for a piece/band I know exists, but am getting no results. Why is this?
I am looking for a piece composed and arranged by a person via the "Advanced Search" page but get no results. Why is this?
I have entered the full name of the composer/arranger/choreographer and am getting no results. Why is this?
What does Start-End note and Range mean?
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